The 8 Levels of Cognitive Functioning

The system is based on 8 levels of functional cognition.
The highest cognitive functioning level is Level 8....the lowest is Level 1

Level 8: "Planning/Multi-Tasking"
Level 7: "Out the Door"
Level 6: "Organize the Therapy Hour"
Level 5: "Beyond the Room"
Level 4: "Follow a Time Schedule"
Level 3: "Moving Around the Room"
Level 2: "What Time is It?"
Level 1: "Initiating the Next Step"

Therapy sessions, goals and progress are established by considering the person's level of performance based on the Functional Cognitive Activities (FCA) Evaluation Scale and FCA Progress Guide.

Functional Cognitive Activities

The 8 Levels of Functional Cognition
The 3 Global Elements
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The 8 Levels
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