For Occupational, Physical, Speech and Recreation Therapists

Functional Cognitive Activities

A practical and effective approach to BI and stroke rehabilitation.

Functional Cognitive Activities is a graded program of functional therapy tasks and activities designed for persons at all levels of cognitive functioning, from post coma phase of recovery to community reintegration.  Tasks and activities are accessed via a website.  
The tasks and activities emphasize real world performance, weaning from tabletop activities and controlled environments.  It encourages a transdisciplinary approach involving all disciplines - speech, physical, recreation and occupational therapists.

A core concept of this approach is that there are 3 global elements of functional cognitive activity:
Interpersonal skills
It is the person's progress in the awareness and management of these 3 global elements during activity that demonstrates improved function.

Activities are organized into 8 sequential levels of performance.
  Specific tasks and activities are provided for each of the 8 levels:

Level 1.  Initiating the Next Step (moving on to the next step without cuing)
Level 2.  What Time is It? (emerging awareness of time)
Level 3.  Looking Around the Room (scanning the familiar environment)
Level 4.  Follow a Time Schedule (adhering to pre-planned schedules)
Level 5.  Beyond the Room (moving out of controlled environments)
Level 6.  Organize the Therapy Session (creating time schedules)
Level 7.  Out the Door (community outings)
Level 8.  Planning/Multitasking (completing projects and high level multitasking)

Individual cognitive therapy tasks are also provided on the website to use during sessions.
Tasks are divided into performance categories such as:

        Visual perception
        Computer activities
        Money management
        Multiple step tasks
        Following recipes
        Initiating socialization
        Unilateral neglect
        Motor therapy/exercises
        Following written directions
A seminar - "Functional Cognitive Activities for Adults with Brain Injury and Stroke is available to discuss this approach in detail.