Functional Cognitive Activities is a comprehensive system that helps OT, PT, ST and activities therapists plan treatment sessions that incorporate the skilled use of therapeutic tasks and activities to foster independence in persons with cognitive deficits due to acquired brain injury such as stroke, traumatic brain injury or tumors. The tasks and activities in the system are arranged in a hierarchy of 8 levels of functional cognitive performance. The levels begin by having the person practice initiating the next step in a sequence of basic ADL tasks; gradually progressing to the highest level of planning and multitasking in complex ADL. The system also includes an evaluation scale, functional goals and a progress guide.

The purpose of this approach is to bridge the gap between the techniques and goals of traditional cognitive rehabilitation with those of a functional approach that emphasizes “real-world” performance. The system incorporates "real-life experiences" into multidisciplinary treatment plans.

A core concept of the system is that there are 3 global elements incorporated in functional cognitive activity:
Time awareness and management
Interpersonal awareness and management
Environmental awareness and management

Tasks and activities are organized into treatment plans in printable format available via a website. Free access to the website can be obtained by viewing an OT CEU webinar or by purchasing access for $25.

Functional Cognitive Activities

Overview of the Functional Cognitive Activities Approach
The 8 Levels
The 3 Global Elements
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