Emphasizing Function in Physical and Cognitive Rehabilitation
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Functional Therapy Activities CD

A collection of over 200 functional therapy tasks and activities for occupational and  physical therapists to use in adult rehabilitation.

This CD will help you plan therapy sessions that incorporate functional activities as an alternative to exercises or tabletop based activities. Photos are provided to illustrate each task or activity.

Tasks and activities are organized by:
Standing balance, grip strength, fine motor, following directions, etc.
Performance categories:
Community reintegration, leisure, homemaking, etc
Materials available:
Boxes, wire, hardware, rope,wood, computer, phone, etc

Price: $35.00
Functional Cognitive Activities Website

Functional cognitive activities is a comprehensive system that implements the skilled use of therapeutic tasks and activities to increase independence in persons with cognitive deficits due to acquired brain injury such as stroke, traumatic brain injury or tumors.

Tasks and activities are accessed via a website that provides lesson plans for occupational, physical, recreation and speech therapists while working with persons at varied levels of cognitive performance.

The tasks and activities emphasize "real world performance" instead of focusing on improving cognitive "subskills".

The system is based on 8 levels of functional cognitive performance.  

A core concept of the system is that there are 3 global elements incorporated in  functional cognitive activity.
Time awareness and management
Interpersonal awareness and management
Environmental awareness and management

Therapy Task Kits are available which include the supplies needed for specific therapy tasks as well as suggestions for how to implement tasks and activities based on the kits.

 Free access to the website can be obtained after attending a
"Functional Cognitive Activities" seminar or webcast

or by

Purchasing access to the website with a password
Price: $25.00