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Functional Therapy Activities

Functional Physical and Cognitive Rehabilitation
Functional Therapy Activities is a set of tools that incorporate functional tasks and activities that OT's, PT's, ST's and RT's can use in physical and cognitive rehabilitation sessions to help people become more independent. The tools can be used in a wide range of therapy settings for people of various disabilities and age groups. There are many physical and cognitive tasks available via a website and/or CD.

The tools are organized in the 3 sections :
Functional Cognitive Activities website (Cognitive Rehabilitation)
Functional Therapy Activities CD (Physical and Cognitive Rehabilitation)
Therapy Task Kits

Functional Cognitive Activities are accessed via a website that provides treatment plans for occupational, physical, recreation and speech therapists working in cognitive rehabilitation. The tasks and activities on the website are useful for persons who function at differing levels of cognitive performance.

Functional Therapy Activities is a CD that includes over 200 everyday tasks and activities that can be use in therapy sessions to address a wide variety of goal areas in both physical and cognitive rehabilitation.

Therapy Task Kits are ready to use therapy materials with worksheets that can be used in therapy sessions to address a variety of therapeutic goals for physical and cognitive rehabilitation.
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