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Functional Therapy Activities

Focusing on Function in Physical and Cognitive Rehabilitation
Functional Therapy Activities is a set of 4 tools that incorporate functional tasks and activities that OT's, PT's, ST's and RT's can use in cognitive and physical rehabilitation to increase patient independence.

** Functional Cognitive Activities
A structured system for using graded functional cognitive tasks and activities at 8 levels of cognitive function to foster independence in real-life situations for use by OT, PT and SLP.

 ** Occupation Based Kits ready to use therapy materials with graded worksheets to use in therapy sessions to address cognitive and physical goals. There are options for building your own kits.

** Functional Therapy Activities On-Line
Online catalog of over 200 occupation-based tasks and real life activities to address a wide variety of goal areas for cognitive and physical rehabilitation.

** Functional Quizzes and Checklists
 Online interactive teaching and training activities for patient education using videos and photos.
Checklists to assess safety and readiness for discharge planning
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 ***Upcoming Live Seminars thru Summitt Education*** 
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