Medication Management Kit

Ready to Use

The medication management task kit was developed to help people with acquired brain injury, stroke, dementia or other cognitive deficits practice various aspects of medication management.  Medication management goals include remembering to take pills on schedule, organizing the pills in a sorter and remembering the purpose of each medication.  A series of graded worksheets are provided to address the needs of people at various levels of cognitive functioning.  The kit can also be used to address money management, visual perception and fine motor skills training.  The kit includes both a 7 cell daily pill sorter and a 28 cell weekly sorter to make it easier to grade tasks.

$65.00 (includes shipping … US only)

Medication Management Kit Contents:
28 cell weekly pill box
7 cell weekly pill box
5 containers of “medicine”
Binder of graded task worksheets
Rubber mat
Plastic storage container

Make Your Own

This option is available to those who want access to the graded series of Medication Management worksheets, but prefer to provide their own materials. With this option, the user downloads step-by-step instructions for assembling the kit, gathers specific materials required, then downloads the accompanying worksheets. $17.00

Replacement “Meds” for Kit

If you need to replace the “medications” when they begin to slowly disappear from repeated use you can buy a replacement set. Or you can order the set of replacement meds if you are making your own kit and want to save some trouble.