Functional Quizzes and Checklists

Obviously it’s preferable to assess and train people in natural environments over a period of time. But when that is not an option – here are quick and easy functional quizzes and checklists you can use with people when you don’t have much time to do hands on therapy with them. The quizzes and checklists pertain to safety awareness at home and community, working memory, energy conservation and work simplification.

Quizzes include multiple choice, true/false questions that use videos and photos to assess responses in “real-life” situations. The user clicks on the correct response and the overall score is listed at the end.

There are also checklists for viewing and printing that can be used to assess functional safety and readiness to assist in discharge planning.

This quizzes and checklist project is under development but users are encouraged to try them. Any comments/feedback are appreciated so feel free to respond at