Masking Tape Designs

The masking tape outline task has the person measure and cut lengths of 1 inch wide masking tape to match a pattern drawn on a square grid.
The simplest designs appear on a grid of 1 inch blocks which the user must duplicate exactly since it is one to one correspondence.  The grid for mid level designs is not to scale so the user must count blocks on the grid then measure the tape.  The most difficult patterns involve having the user duplicate the design with no grid requiring him to perform calculations to complete the pattern.
The tape outline task can be used for work on cognitive sub-skills such as attention to detail, measuring, sequencing and problem solving. A high level implementation of the task would be to have the person memorize the design, then reconstruct it without looking. The task can also be used to address visual perceptual skills including visual closure, visual discrimination and visual construction.
The task can be performed while sitting at a table where the tape is placed on a laminated sheet or a sheet of splinting material so the tape can be easily removed.

$65.00 (includes shipping within US only)

Masking Tape Kit Contents:

Hardware Organizer Kit Contents:
18 Printable masking tape designs
1 roll blue masking tape
1 roll manila masking tape
Ruler, scissors, dry erase marker
Laminated grid for placing tape
Plastic storage box

18 Printable Masking Tape Designs

There is an option to order the masking tape designs without purchasing the materials.  You receive a password which allows you online access to view and/or print the designs as needed during your sessions. $17.00