File Folders Kit

This “ready to use” kit contains 20 multi-colored and 20 manila folders with a set of data sheets. Included is a graded series of task worksheets for the therapist to use in treatment sessions. are used to address many goal areas in cognitive rehabilitation. 
Lowest levels tasks have the person match, sort and organize alphabetically or by color.  At mid-level functioning the person retrieves specific folders by name and deliver them to various places within a room or building.  Higher levels cognitive skills include inventorying and creating spreadsheets and databases with the data. Time management skills can be addressed by having the person stop and start  tasks on a time schedule. 

$65.00 (includes shipping, US only)

File Folder Kit Contents:
20 Multi-colored folders (organized by last name)
20 Manila folders (organized by record number)
20  Data sheets
Graded task worksheets
Storage box for containing kit materials

Make Your Own File Folders Kit

This option is available to those who want access to the graded series of File Folders worksheets, but prefer to provide their own materials. With this option, the user downloads step-by-step instructions for assembling the kit, obtains the specific materials required then downloads the accompanying worksheets to use in therapy.

$17.00 (online access)