Office Supplies Kit

The office supplies therapy kit is useful for working on a wide range of therapy goals from cognitive to fine motor to visual perceptual skills. The kit consists of a variety of common office supplies and organizer for use in therapy sessions. There are labeled photos of all of the supplies so that those who cannot read can use the supplies in sorting, counting and packing tasks. Included with the kit are printed worksheets outlining specific tasks that can be used in therapy sessions to address a variety of goal areas such as fine motor skills, visual perception and cognition. Of course clinicians using the kit are encouraged to develop their own tasks. 
Since the kit was designed primary for cognitive skills training, the task worksheets are graded by letter from A-Z based on complexity. The simplest tasks involve sorting office supplies by matching pictures or names. Mid level tasks include inventorying and money management tasks.  An example of a more complex task involves having the person select specific office supply items needed to fulfill an order form, then delivering the completed order to another office in the building.  Higher level tasks incorporate using spreadsheets and databases.
$100 (includes shipping … US only)