Standing Pipe Tree

The standing pipe tree task has the user construct PVC pipe tree designs by matching photos. There is a stable base that can be placed on the floor, table or mat from which to start construction.
Work can be performed in standing, kneeling or seated position and is especially useful for working on dynamic standing balance.
The pipe tree designs vary from simple (using only a few connecting pieces) to complex matching different size pipes and fittings.
The pipe tree kit can also used to address cognitive problems such as attention to detail, sequencing and planning. It is also applicable for work on visual perceptual skills such as visual closure, visual construction and visual memory. 

$135.00 (includes shipping – US only)

Standing Pipe Tree Kit Contents:
Kit contents include:
10 – 1 foot sections of 1” PVC pipe
6 – 1 foot sections of 1/2” PVC pipe
Assortment of 1” PVC pipe fittings
Assortment of 1/2” PVC pipe fittings
Base for supporting structure
20 design photos
Storage box for kit

20 Printable Pipe Tree Designs

There is an online access option to order the pipe tree designs without purchasing the entire kit. You provide the materials. You receive a password which allows you online access to view and print the designs at your convenience. $17.00