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Facilitating Functional Cognitive Rehab

The original approach presented in this live seminar provides clinicians a unique system to address functional cognition. This approach offers targeted intervention techniques for 8 levels of functional cognitive performance. It focuses on the management of 3 global elements of functional activity: time, environment and interpersonal skills. The foundation of the approach is based on a structured system of real-life graded tasks and activities that all members of the therapy team can apply to maximize functional improvement. The approach uses a performance-based evaluation scale to set goals and measure progress. Interwoven throughout the course are ideas for developing self-awareness and compensatory techniques to foster independence.

Decreasing reimbursement and shorter lengths of stay present a challenge when conducting cognitive rehabilitation for adults with brain injuries. There is an increasing mandate on addressing functional cognition, requiring that intervention and evaluation be ecologically valid. Traditional cognitive rehabilitation techniques and testing have come into question. A new framework as outlined in this seminar is needed for implementing ecologically valid cognitive intervention.

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